Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How to sell paintings on internet (my st

As you all saw in my last post, I decided to put my artwork to the test and see if I could sell my paintings/art through the internet. Admittedly, I am an amature artist, blogger, and internet marketer, but I do believe in the internet as a powerful tool to market anything.

Here is a picture of the first peice of art that I ever sold as a result of the internet and this blog. The yellow/blue art peice is named 'gravity' and the buyer (on the right) is Jamie Maxfield, an avid appreciater of great art, a father, a comedian, a salesman, and customer.

How did I do it. well as you read on the internet it is all about the content, you first have to produce great content (in my case 'gravity' the above mentioned acrylic painting), and then you have to let the world know that the content is out there. This is done by word of mouth and internet advertising and getting people to link their websites to yours.

After the difficult decision to put my artwork up for sell, I started to tell everybody and directed them to my website to check out the art and make a bid. Jamie told me he would pay the full price of $25 and the next day we made the transaction and documented it for posterity

Sunday, March 22, 2009

$25 (potentially priceless) paintings

Here is my latest inventory of paintings. I am willing to make deals (like buy one get the second half off, things like that), especially because I have never sold any paintings (no comments about why not) , I imagine they will be hard to part with, but the extra income should lessen the pain of loss. You all better contact me quickly because if my mom sees these she might quickly buy them all up and you'll all be left without a piece of these potentially priceless paintings. I accept: cash, checks, all major credit cards, trades, money orders etc.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Draper Temple Dedication

I just had the experience of a lifetime. For the last three months I have been practicing with a choir to sing in the 5th dedicatory session for the Draper temple. Today we sang, and the experience was amazing. We sang right behind President Monson, President Utchdorf, and Elder Oaks. The spirit was strong and the opportunity to be in the celestial room during the hosannah shout and anthem was unforgettable. After everybody sang "The Spirit of God," tear filled eyes filled the room. I can't really describe it all, but just wanted to share some of my thoughts.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Ode to U

So last year I bet my colleague Jamie on the BYU and U of U football game. The loser was to write a sincere poem discussing the relative merits of the winning team and the inferiority of the losing team. Because of this bet, BYU's loss was therefore a doubly painful blow to my ego. This was written 2 weeks after the loss, but has taken me this long to post it.

Free Big Mac and a Lesson Learned

Free Big Mac offering (click on link and see the details of how to win a free big mac)
I posted a New Post on my other blog that tells of my first experience of trying to get to know and understand some of the homeless people that we see. www.bumstobloggers.blogspot.com

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

February 2009 in Review

So I promised at least a blog a month that would explain what I did the previous month. This is not just for your enjoyment, but a good time for me to reflect and remember what I did and decide what I am going to try and do better next month. I also find that when I write about what I have done and thought about, I learn, and I like learning.

Shaun invited me to an orientation for the BYU Executive MBA program and it is definitely something that I want to do, and I think it is the best program for the cost. I will probably wait a year or two before I start due to the cost and I will need to save up a lot, but I will get back into school someday. Work is going well and there is still a lot I have to learn before I am good at my job, so perhaps I may be here a little longer.

Our institute choir had the opportunity to sing at the fireside on March 1st, where Elder Hales spoke about finding and staying on the high ground. He said we need to stay on the high ground together and that we need not get discouraged even though all around us things are getting worse. He counseled us to learn how to budget our time and money, to not be wasteful, and to find joy in this life. He gave a few points as to what a couple has to do to maintain a great relationship and I have listed what he explained that both people in the relationship must do to be successful. They must:
1. Know who they are as children of God
2. Know the doctrines (specifically, temple covenants)
3. Choose to obtain God’s kingdom
4. Understand sealing covenant and that courting days are over
5. Think of the other more than self
6. Converse often and talk early about little hurts and offenses
7. See the good in each other by not nagging or speaking ill of each other, by being willing to change your heart and repent, and working hard at improving your relationship as well as cultivating a thoughtful spirit.

I believe this counsel, and I believe that if more people would live by these principles, more homes would find the happiness, faith and strength that is required to endure the tests of the tough times. I have been extremely blessed by the excellent example of my parents and my siblings as they live and have lived these principles.

I never thought that so much of my life would be in choirs, but I find myself in 3 choirs; ward, institute and temple. It takes a lot of my time, but I am learning how powerful music can be in teaching us the doctrines of the kingdom. I will expound on this at a later date.

Valcom reserved a suite at Energy Solutions Arena to watch the Utah Jazz beat the Memphis Grizzlies. It was a lot of fun and I am glad that Michelle could come. It was almost as fun as watching BYU beat the Utes.

So Mexico was a lot of fun. It’s hard to explain how much I love to fly in an airplane and the feeling of going somewhere else. I like the fact that at the end of the day on Thursday I could say, “It is amazing that this morning I was in my bed in Utah, and now I am walking on the beach in Mexico, and it is the same day. I love technology, and planes, and beaches.” We walked the beach, had dinner, and then went and played tennis. It was a ton of fun.

The next day we went to the jungle and went on the Ziplines. I highly recommend the zipline tour. We went through the company called Selvatica and it was a great experience. We flew through the trees, rightside up and then upside down several times. It was a blast, and then from there, we mountain biked to a natural spring (Cenote), which had a zipline right over the water and then a 15-20 ft drop. So we played in that for about 45 minutes and then mountain biked back. The zipline into the cenote was probably the highlight of the trip. As soon as I get the videos and pictures from Michelle, you will understand why I loved it so much.

The next day we went and swam with the dolphins and I learned anew why they are one of my favorite animals. They are super intelligent, kind, and quick and powerful. It was amazing to see their coordination as 2 dolphins would come up behind you at the exact same time and put their noses on the bottom of each foot, and propel you out of the water and carry you 15 feet. If you have the chance to do this, as they say, "Its an experience of a lifetime." Although if you have to choose between the Ziplines and the dolphins, choose the Ziplines.

Did I mention we got to see a 2-toed sloth? It was amazing to see how slow they moved. They really do move in slow motion and I thought it very entertaining to see them move like they were trying to not let a motion sensor sense them. I don’t know how animals get their names, but whoever named this one, did a great job, or did we get the word sloth from them.

I left my cell phone in the shuttle that brought us back to the airport, and I admit that I am addicted to having a cell phone by my side. I felt sad, distraught and lost. I have since invested in 3 more T-mobile dashes as backups, and I learned that if you lose your sim card and go to a T-mobile store they will give you one for free. I tend to lose or break about one cell phone every year and so I had invested in an extra sim card and so all was not lost. Besides they found my phone and so after a couple of long days I was reunited with my beloved companion.

I have recently been obsessed with learning about bloggers and blogging and SEO (search engine optimization), and how to use a blog as a tool for good. I’ll let you know what my conclusions with all these projects are when I know more. Recently (like 4 hours ago) I started the blog bumstobloggers. The name explains it, but the blog explains it all.

Lastly, I have listened to two additional books on tape. “The Audacity of Hope,” by super liberal and now President, Barack Obama, and “An Inconvenient Book” by Ultra conservative Glenn Beck. I guess I go from one extreme to another. My views definitely are more conservative than liberal, but I find the story of Obama inspirational and very interesting, while I view Glenn Beck as more open, honest, and hilarious.

Well that was February 2009.

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Me Sleeping up at Strawberry
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